Dalton’s Atomic Theory V

Dalton’s atomic theory V (chem)

Daltons Atomic Theory Model is given by Greek philosopher john dalton. This is given for
explaining the structure of matter. The matter structure gives the important conclusion for the
structure of atoms. He used the observation of gases experiments. The Dalton s Atomic Theory
Summary is explained in terms of some postulates. This is starting concept of atoms theory.

He described that atoms are the smallest particles of any element. The theory is based on the
fact that elements are made with the atom which is the smallest part of any element. In different
compounds, the atoms can be different. This is due to variation in atomic weight. All the same
type of elements possess same type of atoms while different contain different atoms. The internal
part of element atom is indivisible in nature. The atoms are responsible for any chemical reaction
as they take part in chemical change. These are some basic of dalton’s atomic theory.

All these fundamentals are proved all the chemical combination laws but there are also some
limitations in this theory. Like it do not explain the gaseous volume law. It is failed to explain the
variate valencies, masses of atoms in different elements, and the internal structure of atom. It is
also not explained the process of the formation of molecules by the combination of atoms and the
intermolecular force between the atoms and molecule.

So the modern theory is given by dalton in which some modifications are done by dalton. This
is helpful for explain the internal structure of atom. Thus John Dalton and Atomic Theory
is related to each other as the basic of atom and structure of atom was introduced first time by
dalton. So Daltons Contribution to the Atomic Theory is showed in the postulates of his
modern theory. In his modern theory, he described the isotope and isobar concept. Isotopes
are the atoms of same elements which have different atomic mass while isobars are the atoms
of different elements but they may have same atomic masses. Like calcium and argon both
have same atomic mass while both are different elements. But the main point is that atom has a
complex structure and that contain main three particles which are called as subatomic particles.
These are electrons, protons, and neutrons. This was one of the most postulates that helps in
show the internal structure of atom. He also gave the indestructible nature of atom. Thus the
credit of first atomic-theory is given to Dalton and its atomic-theory. But due to limitations,
some other modified theories are given.


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